instant messenger tray notifier (for Windows)

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How to use tray notifier for instant messenger

Here are the basic steps for set up and use:

First, download the notifier from here (don’t bookmark that for when/if it chagnes) and place it somewhere you don’t mind it being since the file isn’t an installer, it’s the actual program.  (Basically just don’t save it to the desktop or you’ll probably put it in the Recycle Bin at some point).

After it’s downloaded double click it to start it.  It should bring you up to the front page while running down in your system tray. running in the system tray

Double click that tray icon to hide or show the window.

If you want the tray notification to run at start up, right click on it and go to “Options”

Options, like start with windows

(If you want to stop it starting with windows at any point, click on that again and choose “No”)

The options also allow you to start up in the thin mode as well.

Once it’s running you should see the icon change when you have waiting messages.  Again, double click the system tray icon to bring up the instant messenger window.

Message count in notification area

Advertisements Notifier for Windows (the system tray, not a Chrome one)

After Meebo decided to change their interface to focus more on social networking (just what the world needs, another social network site) I switched to works pretty good, but didn’t have a desktop tray notifier like Meebo did (lthough Meebo’s notifier hadn’t been working properly anyway and they seem slow to fix it).  I always had to leave IE or Chrome open, and although Chrome has an extension to do desktop notifications but still… you always have to leave the page open.

I put together this small little app to open a page to embedded in a window with no toolbar.  It sits in the tray and allows you to hide the window instead of having to leave a browser window open all the time.  It displays the message count and allows you to start with windows and either start in the normal mode or the thin ui mode.

Now that I have a notifier for I don’t have a reason to go back to Meebo. seems to have less ads and less quirky issues.  Probably because they are still focused on IM and meebo shifted focus. 😉

Here is the current link for it:

I’m still looking for a permanent spot to put it (I just created this blog today to at least organize it a little).  Check back here so if I update it or change the download link it’ll be available.

P.S. Sorry this is for Windows only, if somebody knows how to do Mac programming let me know.